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“Since our establishment in early 90s as Neumann Automation, we have remained true the idea of ’bringing innovation to our customers’ through our slogan ’Hello world, Hello innovation’. We have been endorsed by many clients because ot the success of our innovation in areas such as automation, testing and future-oriented technologies. tectomove has entered a new era as a family driven private company beginning with our breakthrough in 2015 with the acquisition by unittem group. To support our as well international activities and on the way of our growth we have renamed – you can call us ’tectomove’.“

Michael Ellermann

Michael Ellermann



Years and Years of experience


Integration of highly complex testing procedures in the automation and assembly processes on a small area with economic optimization. We provide from consulting, planning, implementation, installation up to service everything from one source. Our project managers are accustomed to a successful conclusion as general contractor also for larger projects.



Design, control and Electrical


Design, control and Electrical

One of our most important tasks is the design and design of automation and test technology solutions with integrated marking and detection as many of our systems are used for the production of safety-related parts. It is not just about optimizing internal logistics, it is possible to automate complete and recurring processes in many places.

This type of development has a great peculiarity: “Does not exist" does not matter in the case. If a solution does not exist on the market, we construct one. It does not matter if you want to improve or redesign an existing environment or whether you have a brilliant idea for a new product that you would like to implement.

The PLC is the brains of most industrial machines. tectomove takes that analogy a step further offering you a machine that is not only easy to operate, but can self diagnose problems. Our controls and electrical engineering departments work hard to provide machines that easily allow maintenance personnel to diagnose.

Using touchscreen HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) we can customize the interface of the machine to your liking. We have provided controls for every single aspect of the machine including production tracking, password protection, machine diagnostics and even interface with your company wide servers for an overall integration.



Test, Measurement and Inspection


Test, Measurement and Inspection

tectomove has extensive experience in the field of testing and inspection. Most testing and inspection operations can be integrated into the assembly process and reject parts can be removed from the process immediately so that value added functions are not preformed on rejected parts.

In process inspection also allows you to catch assembly errors due to out of tolerance material or a station in need of maintenance by tracking and trending parts that fail inspection.

From resistance, current, voltage, and hi-pot testing of electrical components, to pressure testing hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, to vision inspection including presence/absence detection and optical measurement, tectomove can verify that every product leaving your assembly machine has been tested to your specifications and is ready to ship to the customer.



Flexible Automation Systems


Flexible Automation Systems

tectomove`s flexible automation solutions are designed to meet customer's increasing demand for flexibility and efficiency in assembly, material handling, palletizing and case packing processes, testing and documentation following the thinking of “Industrie 4.0”.

tectomove can design and manufacture a robotic system that handles our most challenging assignment. We specialize in getting the most out of robotic application including using the robot for multiple tasks or by using multiple end of arm tools (EOAT).

Material Handling is the unsung hero of the machinery world. While robotic workcells and high speed assembly machines are often the ones that get the most attention, most manufacturing as we know it is based on material testing.

tectomove has tremendous experience in not only designing customized solutions, but also acting as your integrator, taking several desperate systems and other pieces of machinery and integrating them into a single turnkey production line.

Let tectomove manage your next line integration, relieving you of the hassle and time demanding task of coordinating several vendors to produce equipment that will communicate and function together.



Service, Solutions and Retrofit


Service, Solutions and Retrofit

For all stages of your plant and machine life-cycle we offer our customers a full spectrum of comprehensive services in connection with our plants and machines: planning, inspection, maintenance and repair services as well as modification and revamp measures, training courses and sales of spare parts.

Even after many years of service, there is no reason for machines to be retired. Our retrofit program means you can adapt your equipment to suit the latest requirements in terms of productivity, availability, and operator comfort. The service includes renewing individual components up to the entire system overhaul. Production lines can also be retroactively automated and expanded and new integrated production processes.

For many years tectomove GmbH
acts already as a system provider / turn-key company.

Basis is the long-standing experience in the area of traceability for the integration of our systems in the parent workflow. Integration of future-oriented solutions, in cooperation with scientific institutes, for example: Lean Management, Poka Yoke, One piece flow, ...



Involved and acting in advance of the product and process development, especially in the automotive and OEM industry.


Overall concept

Customer existing processes will be integrated by tectomove in the overall concept (such as semi-automatical line, extension of existing processes in to the machinery concept).



Further development of existing systems, processes or machines.



Development of unique features for the customers by analyzing their Spec`s.



Reaching higher quality standards for the customer and for tectomove.


Quality management

Integration of highly complex testing processes in the Automation and Assembly business.


the specialist for complete soluted systems –
we also supplies many renowned international companies on their way to growth, mainly in the automotive business as well as in the electronic, the medical technology and consumer good industries.









Our activities worldwide


Zitattectomove engineers, designs, manufactures and retrofits custom automation & material handling machinery.

Our professional engineers have the skills and experience to manage successfully as turn key company, tectomove feels that no job is too small.

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